TableHub is a digital table centerpiece bringing dynamic content (pre-recorded videos, images, motion graphics etc.) to every seat at tables, bar leaners, catering stations - or really any flat surface at your next event. Each unit has 4 screens, wireless and individually controllable, allowing TableHub to enhance your audience’s experience.

Create new opportunities with TableHub to leverage more sponsorship, maximise fundraising, demonstrate sustainability and more, all whilst delivering your message in a way that doesn’t shout at your audience.

Bringing the middle of the table into the 21st century, we’ve designed TableHub to be a fresh approach to delivering messages and content to audiences. TableHub is a great addition for high tier sponsors to get more screen time at fundraisers and charitable events.

We’re also great for engaging guests with playing media on cue, for any content - from awards presentations to speaker titles, icebreakers to quizzes.


“I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with the TableHub team on both a corporate awards dinner in 2018 and a gala dinner event in 2019. On both occasions TableHub enhanced the experience for our guests and provided a great visual element to the evening. They’re much more interesting than a standard centrepiece and are a great way to showcase imagery and provide a great talking point” - Haley Coe, The Halo Effect

“We used TableHub at the Aotearoa Māori Business Leaders Awards as an opportunity to uniquely display event sponsors, table numbers and messaging throughout the night. We loved the idea of making a table centrepiece both functional and decorative and event attendees raved about them! ... the team were really helpful, offering ideas and solutions, and making the whole experience seamless. We would definitely use TableHub again and are excited about the different opportunities TableHub can bring to the events industry.” – Business School Events Team, The University of Auckland

Our Offerings

We’ve split TableHub into 2 main offerings, Looped and Cued. Depending if you’re looking for a set and forget solution, or with one of our operators, we’ve got the solution to bring the table experience into the modern age. Servicing of your event includes everything TableHub needs to operate excluding content, but we’ll load and test content delivered to us. We’ll also look after transportation, setup, and pack down. For events outside Auckland we’ve partnered and trained operators all over New Zealand (and soon beyond) to deliver TableHub to the highest standard - additional freight charges may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions 

So, what exactly is TableHub?

TableHub is a digital table centrepiece that has the ability to show custom digital content (pre-recorded videos, images, motion graphics etc.) across 4 digital screens at a table, bar leaners, or really any flat surface. Each unit is wireless and individually controllable allowing TableHub to enhance your audience’s experience.

What does each hire include?

Continuous running time of up to 8 hours per 1 day, Content Formatting (where required), Content Upload (See full content specs here), Delivery & Set Up, Network Installation (where required), Activation, Pack Down, An operator is provided for Cued mode.

What packages are available?

TableHub offers Looped and Cued packages, giving you the ability to set and forget, or include an operator to programme multiple cues on the fly. Each package includes transport, setup and pack down, with our team happy to support from your enquiry to event delivery. Our team can create an abundance of custom content specific to your event requirements. Additional fees apply.

What content can we put on TableHub?

Table numbers, menus, videos, photos, PowerPoint slides, sponsor loops, and more. As long as we can convert it to a video or image, we can do anything. We have a loooooong list of ideas on how to make the most of your TableHub hire, so contact us for details and we can demonstrate how TableHub can deliver on your guest experience and event KPIs.

What are the contents requirements?

Firstly, we need the content in advanced. Since we're still new, we like to load everything up at the workshop prior to coming to the gig. We ask for the content at least 5 working days out from your event. Technical content information can be download here, and we're happy to work with your designers and test content on devices leading up to your event.

Content needs to be a video (MP4) or image (JPG / PNG) file for TableHub to play. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Can I just supply a PowerPoint or keynote file?

Not quite/ Because TableHub is our proprietary software, it doesn’t natively support PowerPoint of Keynote documents. However, these can be exported to images, for simple presentations this works great and can be played by TableHub with no issues. For more complex presentations with animations and transitions, the best solution is to rebuild this in an animated format. We’re happy to assist with transposing presentations for TableHub or recreating content in After Effects for an additional fee.

Can I use my own designer?

Absolutely. All the content specs are packed into a short pdf which can be downloaded here, but please let them know as we’re still fairly new we need the content as early as possible, so we can load content onto devices in the warehouse and test, prior to coming to the gig. Ideally 5 days out from your event.

My designer has told me they’re too busy, can you help me with content?

Sure can. We’ve got a team that specialize in animation. Send the brief our way, and we’ll send you back a quote to complete the job at $80p/h.

Do I need wireless internet setup in my venue to make it work?

No, our lite version is set and forget, and our standard & interactive versions run on an independent network setup by our team on the day of your event.

Can I sync TableHub with other AV screens at my event?

Not yet. We’re working hard to integrate our software across LED solutions / TV Screens, but for now TableHub needs to be treated as a separate system that can be cued using our custom built software.

What do I need to provide for your team at my event?

TableHub is self-contained on the hardware and operator front. We don't need the internet and come with our own network to handle the large number of devices.

  • Content delivered 5 working days before your event date.
  • 1/2 a trestle table at the Tech Desk area so we can trigger cues as directed or with other systems.
  • Some setup time, but we'll arrange this with you before your event. In some cases we may need to rig and fly equipemnt, but we'll work with your AV suppliers and the venue leading up to the event to get everthing signed off.
  • A little bit of power (standard 10a wall plugs).
  • A crew meal if the show overlaps with a mealtime.

Any other good things to know for my event?

TableHub units have an 7-8 hour battery life, and are wireless. We setup a network for our controller, some network hardware in a small rack and Access Points around the room that provide wireless to the tablets. This does require some setup, cabelling and power, but we'll work out the timings and placement with you in advanced. Also make sure you've checked out the content information above, and don't hold back if you've got any questions.

Is there a minimum or maximum order for TableHubs at my event?

Yes. Our minimum hire is 10 units, and to date we haven’t met any event that has required more TableHub units than what we have available in the warehouse.

Can I use TableHub with other decorations?

Absolutely yes. TableHubs can support centrepiece decoration on top or around. We’ve even built custom branded cases for some clients. We are happy to pass on various ideas and contacts that can help bring some extra pizzazz to your next event.

Where is TableHub available?

We're based out of Auckland but have partners in the production industry all over New Zealand. We'll work out the best freight option so the hardware shows up at the right place at the right time, and bring a trained local operator to setup and operate, all included in the prices above.

Do you hire other production equipment with TableHub?

TableHub is a company that specializes in digital table centrepieces, however we wear many hats and have an elaborate network of friends within the entertainment industry across New Zealand. We don’t directly hire any other equipment or services, but will happily put you in touch with production suppliers, designers, or theming companies if you’re after additional equipment or advice.

Who are you?

We're a bunch of creative Kiwis who took a napkin drawing from a quiet night out and in a short period of time have something we think is pretty awesome. With a combined 50+ years in events and entertainment, we love creating innovative experiences for audiences of all sizes.